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I Believe in the Lord Jesus!

As most of you guys know, I’m a Christian and not afraid to say it out loud. I love the Lord Jesus from my whole heart and from my whole soul and from my whole mind and from my whole strength. I try to be closer and closer to God each day. I pray at least once a day, if not more and I go to church every Sunday, even if I’m not in Edmonton. I’m not actually a type of Christianity. I’m just Christian. There’s only a few churches out there that are just Christian. Every summer, I go to Camp Canby, located in Canby, Oregon, so I can become closer to God. It is a Christian camp where I can meet Christian girls that are just like me. Next summer, I plan to go to the Summer School of Truth, where they preach all day and you still can meet Christian girls just like you. There is one in Vancouver, one in Seattle and one in Portland. 

I  love the Lord Jesus.

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