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I think fashion isn’t what you see in the magazines. Fashion is yours and yours only. On this page you can blog about fashion from that little world inside your head. So get blogging!

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dscn0414Her real name is Fiona,but we all call her Fifi, though she calls me SearBear. She goes to my church and is on the Sarah and Fifi Show, with me. Fifi loves the Twilight series and is really happy and bubbly. She can be pretty serious in a funny way, but usually she’s just silly.

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Mom and Dad

dscn03031This is the only picture I could find with my parents in it. My dad hates getting his picture taken and my mom usually isn’t around when I can actually find my camera. My parents both like badminton, skiing and skating. Though while my dad is better at skiing  and skating, my mom is better at badminton. My dad is more of a fan of the country while my mom prefers the city. Though right now my dad’s living in LA or 4 months, and he probably isn’t enjoying it that much since it is a really busy city.

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dscn00031This is a picture of Gabby before she got her glasses. Gabby is obsessed with the color green and loves Demi Lovato. She really enjoys ballet and likes to read. She’s really nice and does stuff for me all the time when I’m feeling lazy. That’s Gabby!

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dscn0192This is Andrew at one of his karate tournaments. Here he was a white belt but he’s gotten higher up now. Andrew is the youngest in our family and likes Spongebob and Winnie the Pooh. All of my friends think he’s really cute though I know he has evil plans in his genius little mind.

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I do have a picture of Brooke which is rare, but it’s still on my camera and I can’t find my camera. Though the picture is really funny, and that’s Brooke. Brooke will do anything as long as it’s crazy, silly or funny. Brooke’s a crazy friend!

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dscn0406This is Morgan. She’s an awesome friend. She does have a bit of an attitude and can hurt you if you do something that she really doesn’t like but other than that she’s really nice. Morgan does dancing and I think she’s really good at that. Morgan really is an awesome friend.

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dscn0407This picture has Morgan in it because that’s the only picture I have of Mackenzie. She’s really silly and isn’t really all that serious. She’s crazy for Hannah Montana and does dancing. Mackenzie’s a silly friend.

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Natalie has been very dramatic since the day I met her in grade 1.  She’s pretty easy-going and is very brave. Natalie’s really good at all sorts of sports, especially soccer. She’s a good friend. I need a picture of her.

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dscn0410This is me and Valentina. Though we all call her Val for short. Val is about the nicest person I know and I really like her fashion sense (don’t we all). She’s not as crazy as most of us and I respect that. It’s really fun to be with Valentina because of her sweet personality. She’s always happy and always finds a way to make me happy when I’m not having a good day. She’s  a really nice friend.

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